Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body for The Temple. Made up of members elected to three year terms, with additional appointees, the trustees are responsible for hiring clergy and the executive director as well a setting overall policy, budget, and other governance guidelines for the congregation.

An executive committee leads the board and consists of a president, executive vice president, secretary, treasurer, and two additional vice presidents. In addition to the executive committee, there are a number of standing committees that are responsible for selected areas of The Temple’s operations.

If you would like to meet with any of the Board of Trustees or would be interested in participating in The Temple’s governance, please contact the Executive Director, Mark R. Jacobson. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Officers of the Board

  • President: Lauren Grien
  • Executive Vice President: Janet Lavine
  • Vice President: Brooke Dickerson
  • Vice President: Hank Kimmel
  • Secretary: Stacy Hyken
  • Treasurer: Kent Alexander

Term Expiring 2018

  • Jeff Belkin
  • Deborah Danzig
  • Ira Genser
  • Kim Hockstein
  • Jennifer Lowenstein
  • Emily Sanders

    Term Expiring 2019

    • Ilene Engel
    • Amie Herbert 
    • Billy Levine
    • Arlene Presser
    • Eric Vayle
    • John Zedd 

    Term Expiring 2020

    • Ellen Frauenthal
    • James Alec Gelin
    • Kathleen Kahl
    • Larry Menter
    • Doug Pike
    • Loretta Shapiro

    Appointees 2017-2018

    • Spring Asher
    • Martin Maslia 

    Past Presidents of the Board of Trustees

    Past presidents are also invited to attend all meetings of The Temple’s Board of Trustees.

    Committee Chair Board Representatives

    • Debbie Neese, 150th Anniversary Committee Chair 
    • Henry Bauer, By-laws Committee Chair
    • Rob Goudiss, Building & Grounds Committee Chair
    • Mark Winarsky, Men's Club Chair
    • Louis Lettes, Strategic Planning Committee Chair 
    • Adrienne Strohl, WELC Committee Chair
    • Holly Witten, WELC Committee Chair



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