Temple Connect: Professional

Based on your profession, meet other people in homes and/or offices to discuss the Visions and Values curriculum, network with your colleagues, and learn the Jewish perspective on your vocation.


We were inspired to group our professions by a passage from the Talmud. While some of these professions still exist today, others had to be “translated” into modern times. If you don’t know in which category your profession belongs, please give us a call – we’ll welcome you as a creative partner in this imperfect process. By joining one of these groups, we hope you’ll find new peers and friends, someone who understands your field and can challenge you to pursue your passion with wisdom and connectedness.


A scholar should not reside in a city where the following ten things are not found: A court of justice…; a tzedakah fund collected by two and distributed by three; a Synagogue; public baths; public infrastructure; a craftsman; a surgeon, a notary; a slaughterer and a school-master.

Sanhedrin 17b


Court = Lawyers/Legal Professionals

Tzedakah Fund = Non-Profit Professionals

Synagogue = Jewish Professionals

Public baths = Beauty Industry/Design/Artists

Public Infrastructure = Government Employees/Public Servants

Craftsman = Builders/Construction/Engineers/Technology

Surgeon = Doctors/Health Professionals

Notary = Finance/Accounting/Business

Slaughterer = Restaurant/Food Industry

School Master = Teachers/School Administration




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