The Temple Breman Religious School

The main goal of our religious school is to help our students form a positive Jewish identity that will grow and remain strong throughout the years. This identity will enable students to interact in the modern world as Jews, proud of their Jewish heritage. This goal can only be reached with the involvement of the whole family in the Jewish learning experience. To achieve this, we want our students and their families to:

  • Learn and become familiar with Jewish holidays and customs
  • Study Jewish history through Biblical and other Jewish literature
  • Make Judaism come alive by participating in holiday celebrations, prayer services, and by performing acts of tzedakah
  • Incorporate Jewish practices and beliefs into their everyday lives
  • Connect with the Jewish homeland of Israel through study and programs

It is our desire that through participation in the Breman Religious School program, our students and their families will be drawn closer to The Temple and become more deeply involved in its many and varied activities. If, at any time, you have questions about the Breman Religious School, please don't hesitate to contact anyone on staff:

Rabbi Steven H. Rau, RJE, Director of Lifelong Learning
Elizabeth C. Foster, Family and Teen Educator
Kara E. Hoffman, Education Coordinator
Marjorie Vaughn, Education Administrator

Our office can be reach at 404-873-1734. 



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