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Extended Day Program FAQs

Why is it called Extended Day?

Children are enrolled in Half Day program classes. The Extended Day program is literally extending the existing program to provide care from 7:30am - 6:00pm.

Is the Extended Day Program educational?

Absolutely! This is an extension of the existing Half Day program and learning takes place all day long. Both the Half Day and Extended Day programs have daily schedules and lesson plans.

What is the daily schedule for my child?

The day includes instructional time, snacks, lunch, and experiences on both the indoor and outdoor playgrounds along with time to tap into our imaginations through exploration and play. Activities such as art, music, language, math, science, and gross motor play vary daily and are included in the lesson plans. Educational movies and videos are occasionally shown.

What is the schedule for my child when the Half Day program is closed? 

A daily schedule is followed and lesson plans are implemented, just like any other school day.

What if my child still takes an afternoon nap?

A daily nap is offered for toddlers and two-year-old children. Any older child who needs a nap is given that option. The WELC provides cots, sheets and blankets. Your child is free to bring a security item for nap time. Children who are not sleeping are offered activities.

Who is going to be my child’s teacher?

Your child will have both Half Day and Extended Day program teachers. The Extended Day program teachers are with the children on most days when the Half Day program is closed. On days when the Extended Program teachers are engaged with Parent Conferences, Staff Development and planning days, we have qualified substitutes in place.

Is the Weinberg Early Learning Center licensed?

Yes, we have operated a licensed program since our inception. We are also a part of the Georgia Quality Rated initiative.

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