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Join us for Tamid Tuesdays at The Temple!


Annual Learning Opportunities: Registration Required.

Adult B'nei Mitzvah - In Person Only
This course is for the Hebrew novice wishing to participate in this Jewish life cycle. During the fall and winter, emphasis is placed on Hebrew skills. Study continues through the spring focusing on the prayer service, writing a d’var Torah, chanting skills, Torah reading, and preparations for the b’nei mitzvah service on Saturday, May 20,2023. Prior knowledge of Hebrew
is not required.
Instructor: Rabbi Steven Rau
Times: Varies; syllabus provided upon registration
Dates: Tuesdays, October 11-May 16
Cost: $400 payable over 2 semesters
Requirements: Temple Members only

Judaism 101- First/Last Class In Person, All other classes Zoom Only
A basic overview of the many facets of Judaism and Jewish practice: history, holidays, life cycle events, Torah, texts, and more.
Instructors: Temple Clergy and Staff
Times: 7:00-8:30pm
Dates: Beginning Tuesday, November 1 or Tuesday, February 21 for nine weeks
Cost: Free for members, $30 book fee for members who do not own Honoring Tradition, Embracing Modernity; $150/person (includes book) for non-members; add a second family member for $36

Judaism 102
This course is for those who are converting to Judaism, covering a variety of issues that arise as one makes the choice to become a Jew.
Instructors: Temple clergy
Times: Tuesdays 7-8:30pm plus one Shabbat experience
Dates: February and May 2023
Requirements: Judaism 101 or its equivalent and an entrance interview with Rabbi Medwin. Course registration information will be given after that meeting. Upon completion and conversion, students will become the newest members of The Temple community.

Melton: Ethics of Jewish Living - In Person Only
How do Jewish teachings shed light on contemporary issues such as the environment, interpersonal relationships, end-of-life
decisions, and social media ethics? This course explores the wisdom of ancient and modern rabbis, scholars, and thinkers, offering multiple Jewish approaches to conducting our lives in the communal and private spheres.
Instructors: Rabbi Steven Rau & Rabbi Adam Starr
Dates: Tuesdays, October 25 – February 7
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Cost: $125. Special arrangement for Temple members only.

Melton: OMG, Can You Believe?! - In Person Only
In this six-week exploratory course, we’ll dive into the BIG questions around God and God’s relationship to Humankind. We’ll examine the many different understandings of God, free will, and mitzvot expressed by Jewish philosophers, rabbis, leaders past and present—and you. We’ll explore the divine, the prophetic, and even the supernatural, as we amplify and dissect your
deepest God questions. Just do not expect to leave with any final answers.
Instructors: Rabbi Peter Berg & Rabbi Steven Rau                                                                                                                                          Dates: Wednesdays, November 2 – December 14,  Time: 10:00-11:30am                                                                                                Dates: Tuesdays, March 28 – May 16, Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: $80

Melton: Between the Lines: From Text to Life - In Person Only
Jewish texts have informed Jewish thought and practice for over 3,000 years. But how do we connect to words written so long ago? What do they reveal today? And how do they inspire action? In this course, we will examine the many ways that we bring the words of our texts into our daily lives. We’ll look at the hints and clues in the letters of sacred Jewish texts: the Torah, the Prophets, the Talmud (no previous Hebrew knowledge required). We’ll exam structure and authorship. We’ll discuss the commentary of yesterday. We’ll share where we stand today. Dive into a sea of knowledge!
Instructors: Rabbi Peter Berg & Rabbi Loren Filson Lapidus
Dates: Tuesdays, February 14 – March 21
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: $80

Electives: No Charge and Open to All! Registration is required.

Finding Your Community Through Sacred Time
Tuesday, October 25
7:00pm • The Temple’s Sanctuary

Abigail Pogrebin is the author of “Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish” and “My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew,” will join us live on the big screens to kick off our conversation on community and sacred time.

Throughout our 2000 years of wandering, Jews have remained connected through sacred time and study (wondering). When times were difficult, Jews made our homes our place of observance and connection. In better times, we sought connection in our community at our local synagogue. During this class, we will learn from various clergy including those from other faiths about the universal concepts we share that connect us spiritually to our own religion. How are we connected to our religion through sacred time? How do the rhythms of the calendar bring us closer to the community?

Continue learning about community and sacred time on these dates:
• November 1: Rabbi Lapidus— Rhythms of Jewish Life & Rest
• November 8: Reverend John H. Vaughn, Executive Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church—Rhythms of Life & Rest
• November 15: Reverend Lauren Holder from The Cathedral of St. Philip—Holy Days: Combining Community & Celebration
• November 29: Rabbi Berg—Holy Days: Combining Jewish Community & Celebration
Time: 7:00pm

Connecting Through the Arts - In Person Only
theatre dybbuk’s Residency
Tuesday, January 31
7:00pm • The Temple’s Sanctuary

The Temple will be joined by theatre dybbuk for a residency that will take place here in Atlanta from January 30 through February 5, 2023. As part of this unique collaboration, theatre dybbuk will offer a performed reading of their recent theatrical work, breaking protocols, a piece which explores the notorious, fraudulent text “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion” as a jumping off point to investigate antisemitism and variety of related issues throughout history. theatre dybbuk creates lyrical theatrical performances and innovative educational encounters that use Jewish history as an entry point to investigate issues connected to identity, belonging, and power in our contemporary world.

This residency is supported in part by a Signature Grant from the Covenant Foundation.

Continue connecting through the arts on these dates:
• February 7: Yiddish Music Through the Ages with Cantor Scher
• February 21: Jewish Food Cooking Class with Chef Howard
Time: 7:00pm

Jewish Mindfulness—Cultivate Mindfulness, Deepen Connection, and Enliven Jewish Life
Tuesday, March 14
7:00pm • The Temple’s Sanctuary

Rabbi Myriam Klotz, a Senior Core Faculty with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, will join us to kickoff our conversation on Jewish Mindfulness. 

Continue exploring the practice of Jewish Mindfulness with Rabbi Medwin and Cantor Scher on these dates:
• March 21
• March 28
• April 18
Time: 7:00pm

If you have any questions about our TAMID program, please contact Elizabeth Foster at 404-873-1731.  

Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783