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January 12: Options and Realities for Biden's Foreign Policy in the Middle East with Ken Stein

Whether in the domestic or foreign policy realm, when American presidents govern, preferred policies are either aided or thwarted by political realities.  Coping with the pandemic's impact will be priority number one; what foreign and domestic issues can realistically be handled next during Biden's first two years in office?  Ken will look at those issues in the Middle East that have priorities for US interests, and that can be potentially successful because they are not constrained by regional actors or their politics. 

January 19 & 26: An Introduction to Jewish Ethics: A Careful Reading of the Book of Jonah with Rabbi Peter Berg

In these sessions, we will introduce Jewish ethics through a careful reading of the Book of Jonah. Jonah teaches us an example of a reluctant self-evaluation and personal change. We, too, can learn from Jonah’s struggles with God.

February 2, 9, 16: The Living Sea Scrolls: The Discovery of the Cairo Geniza and Medieval Jewish History with Professor Craig Perry

There is an old Jewish tradition that written religious works should never simply be thrown away. Rather such texts should be given a proper burial or resting place, a geniza, where they can rest in dignity. For most of a millennium, the Jewish community of the Ben Ezra synagogue in Egypt took this practice quite seriously. By current estimates, the Ben Ezra synagogue preserved over 300,000 manuscripts that now comprise arguably the richest archive for the study of Jewish life and culture in the Middle Ages. Over three evenings, this course will explore the unlikely story of the Cairo Geniza’s survival into the modern age as well as how its documentary contents have revolutionized what we are able to know about the everyday life of Jews in one of the foremost political and economic capitals of the medieval Islamic world. Topics we will study include A Crash Course in Medieval Jewish-Muslim Relations; Real Jewish Housewives of Cairo (RJHC); and Heretics, Rabbis, and Courtiers…Oh My!. 

March 2, 9, 16: New Approach to the two-thousand-year-old issue of anti-Semitism with Rabbi Dr. Albert Slomovitz

  • First session-Will chronicle Dr. Slomovitz' military and academic background which are foundational to writing the book and creating the non-profit. Also covered: Some traditional causes of anti-Semitism, using Midrash to understand the Christian Bible, dating of the book of Matthew, distinguishing between academic and religious history and the book's premise.

  • Second session- Chapter 1 from Matthew-Connections with Biblical prophets in general and in this instance, Isaiah. Name of Emmanuel and Biblical names in general. Jesus' childhood education, his religious education, and the overall significance of those historical 'facts.'

  • Third session-Jesus' family connections, misreading, and misunderstandings that lead to prejudice from Matthew and John. Topics include Judas, the phrase "His blood be upon us and our children,", the role of high priests, 30 pieces of silver, and general issues regarding anti-Semitism. What are our next steps?

If you have any questions about our TAMID program, please contact Elizabeth Foster at 404-873-1731.  

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Sh'vat 5781