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 2nd Grade Curriculum


  • Sparking positive Jewish identity
  • Creating Jewish friendships
  • Introduce Hebrew reading skills and a basic Hebrew vocabulary
  • Explain and introduce the importance of basic mitzvot
  • Promote a basic knowledge of and a love for the Land of Israel


  • Visits to the art room
  • Monthly tefilah
  • Song sessions with the music specialist
  • Visits to the Holland Youth Library
  • Visits from our Shinshinit (Israel Specialist)


  • Hebrew Reading Readiness:The second grade Hebrew reading readiness builds on the basic Hebrew skills acquired in first grade. Students master the Hebrew alphabet and the sounds each letter makes, learn to blend vowels and consonants, discuss twenty-five Hebrew heritage words, and begin to write Hebrew letters and vowels. (Shalom Aleph-Bet)
  • Mitzvot: Through this course, students learn to incorporate mitzvot in their lives. These commandments are explained in terms children can easily grasp, using engaging questions, thoughtful activities, and memorable stories. (Let’s Discover Mitzvot)
  • Israel: Second grade students develop a love for and an appreciation of the Land of Israel. Students are introduced to Israel’s cities, her people, and her customs. Lessons are reinforced by hands-on activities, crafts, videos, and cooking. This course is a perfect parallel to the commencement of their formal studies of Hebrew. (The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt)
Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784