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Welcome!  This is where you find your people.  Select any category of interest to you and find the tribe for you!  Click on the group leaders name and email them with your interest. 



Books Worth Studying: Jan Rice                                                                                                               
We will take on books from which we'll derive more if we divide them into manageable sections and study them together month by month.  Welcome to all who love reading and learning about Jewish ideas and ideas relating to Judaism. 
Hiking:  Jessica Williams
The Hiking Group is for all ages, beginners, novices, and experienced hikers of all ages and physical abilities wanting to hike local trails. The pace will be varied for all participants to enjoy with basic techniques and gear presented. My goals are for all participants to have fun in the great outdoors by connecting with others and nature simultaneously.
Literary Enlightenment:  Mark Arnold
Align members through readings of strong interest, relevance and topical connections to Judaism and the world we live in today.  Meetings would convene about every 8-10 weeks in either a private home or on a Monday or Tuesday evening at The Temple.  Overview ideas and themes would be communicated to the participants in advance of the sessions, to encourage a strong level of advance thinking for more poignant and topical interchange among the group participants.
Movies:  Linda Zatlin
Temple Heads: Rabbi Micah Lapidus
Shakedown: Are you a frustrated yet relentlessly optimistic Dead Head? If so, join fellow Temple Heads as we take our love of The Grateful Dead FURTHUR by finding opportunities to catch shows of all genres that we might otherwise be too busy to know about let alone attend. Let “inspiration move you brightly” as we join forces to “keep truckin’ on” thereby ensuring that everyone knows “our love won’t fade away.”

Theatre Group:  Hank Kimmel

Using the principles of the Ben Franklin Circles, our group will use his classic 13 principles to spark discussion about members goals and aspirations. Come join us as we take a break from the divisive issues if our day, and instead learn how our experiences have shaped our lives and the world around us.
Ben Franklin Circle:  Brookhaven/Lenox (Men's Group):  David Schmidt     
Ben Franklin Circle:  Buckhead/Sandy Springs:  Toby Holzer & Bunny Mitchell
Ben Franklin Circle: Dunwoody/Sandy Springs (Mens Group):  Eric Vayle                                                
Ben Franklin Circle:  Midtown:  Lauren Grien
Ben Franklin Circle: Northlake/Oakgrove (Men's Group)Paul Rosenblatt
Ben Franklin Circle:  Women's/Empty Nester's:  Caryn Hanrahan & Ellen Schwartz
Compassionate Motherhood:  Lauren Chekanow
Using the foundations and materials from the Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics, (and specifically Compassion Training) along with current events and real life examples, we will look at parenting topics through the lens of compassion. Goal of the group is to cultivate more self-compassion and compassion for others. 
Dads and Donuts: Colby Schwartz
It’s a three-way win. You bring your kids to the playground on Sunday morning, rotate who brings the donuts and coffee, watch your kids go bananas together, get to hang out with fellow WELC dads, AND give your partner a couple of kid-free hours. I mean, can you beat this?
Dads and Grads:  Colby Schwartz
Israeli Conversation: Don Thomas
An anonymous author once wrote, “Each person has one thing to say, and the rest is an exaggeration.” That person did not know members of the Temple Connect group on Israel. Join up to a dozen participants and discuss Israel in a conversational, not confrontational, way. Each Temple member may self-select a topic and facilitate an hour discussion with examples based on readings, art, popular culture,  and media coverage. 
Tech Group:  Brett Pomerantz 
The Librarians: Dan Friedman                                                                                                                   
For the last seven years, The Librarians have solved the problems of the world in their respectful, free-swinging discussions and have grown to care for each other. The Librarians have connected lessons from Torah, world events, politics, domestic issues, and the arts in free wheeling, stimulating and open discussions.
Women of the Well Arts and Crafts Group (Young Professionals) Caitlin Harvey
Young Professional women gathering bimonthly to create various craft projects, including jewelry making, painting, terrariums, and more!
WOW (Women Of Wisdom)   Cindy Zeldin
A ladies group will focus on developing friendships, great conversation and fun. Agenda will be determined by the group.  Meetings will be once a month. Women of all ages invited to participate. Meetings will vary (evenings/daytime.)
Young Professional Knitting Group:  Leah Davis
Classical Music In Atlanta:  Elliott Goldstein
There is so much wonderful classical music in Atlanta - let’s go enjoy it together, in the company of other Temple friends. Whether it’s a concert, opera, or chamber music performance, we can take in the show and then talk about it afterwards over a meal.
Eating Explorers: Karen Shelton                                                                                                      
This small group of empty nesters with adventurous palates will eat at different international restaurants.  We will choose a new restaurant each month or so and share a variety of spicy and flavorful foods.
Gourmet Cooking: Ron Lipp
This small intimate group of food lovers will participate in the planning and preparation of 5-6 gourmet meals and a field trip each calendar year.  Participants will rotate in hosting the "theme dinners" at their homes with the other members preparing one to two dishes.
Intermediate Bridge:  Jackie Metzel
We meet at The Temple on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month for bridge, conversation,  and fun. Please join us, off site, for lunch, a friendly game and good conversation. We meet every other Tuesday at 12 noon--3:30 p.m.
Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism: Alex Doman
The group will delve into all aspects of Jewish mysticism within the framework of Rabbi David Aaron who has written extensively on the subject in clear and straightforward way in a number of books. The first book used as a framework will be “The Secret of God”. We will meet monthly.
Running:  Adam Abramson
What Are We Making For Dinner?...Reservations!  Jill Ferst & Joe Ferst    
This group would be for those interested in exploring the interesting and diverse cuisine that is available in Atlanta’s restaurants. We are interested in discovering restaurants that are hidden gems in Atlanta’s culinary milieu. If you like good food and enjoy eating out with friends, we are the group for you.
Whiskey Group:  Ron Lipp
Vegan Group: Rich Wilner 
MEET & EAT (vegan): So many wonderful conversations happen around meals, here is a group where like-minded people can enjoy the conversation and the FOOD. We will gather around the table and discuss the many reasons why people live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, as well as share wonderful dishes and friendship. 
Canasta for Fun:   Elaine Clear
Canasta for Fun 2:  Jo Ann Rau
Couples Canasta:  Miriam Rosenberg
Mah Jongg 1:  Elaine Clear
Mah Jongg 2: Wendy Ludwig
Have you ever wanted to learn Mah Jongg?  Me too!  Let's meet on a week day at The Temple, learn how to play Mah Jongg, and have a ton of fun together.
Mah Jongg 3:  Adrienne Boyer 
Mah Jongg 4:  Arline Browder                                                                                                                   
Have you ever wanted to learn Mah Jongg?  Me too!  Let's meet on a week day at The Temple, learn how to play Mah Jongg, and have a ton of fun together. 
School Connect Groups seek to build a mini community among the greater Temple school communities that is one of friendship, support and connection.
Temple Connect @Atlanta International:  Alla Tsitsior
Temple Connect @Clairemont:  Carrie Reyes & Tamara Miller
Temple Connect @Cliff Valley:  Laura Baldwin
Temple Connect @FAVE/TalleySt:  Danna Lipton & Susan Moody
Temple Connect @Galloway:  Brynn Travis & Cindy Lourie
Temple Connect @Kitteridge/Chamblee HS:  Suzanne Gilboa
Temple Connect @Lovett:  Amie Herbert
Temple Connect @Mary Lin 4th Grade:  Lauren Chekanow
Temple Connect @Mary Lin:  Jennifer Gailey
Temple Connect @Morningside:  Julie Poirier
Temple Connect @Morningside 2:  Bettina Drake

Temple Connect: Morningside Mom's Night Out Group: Julie Poirier 

Temple Connect @ Paideia:  Liz Sommerfeld
Temple Connect @Paideia2:  Marla Ostroff
Temple Connect @SPARK:  Eden Kaye
Temple Connect @TCS:  Sarah Scalia 

Bereavement Group: Barbara & Bob Greene
 "Death ends a life not a relationship." We are so blessed that Temple members Dr. Robert Greene MD, a retired surgical oncologist and hospice director, and Dr. Barbara Greene PhD, a psychologist who specialized in grief groups, are offering a free, bimonthly bereavement group to help deal with the loss of a loved one and to honor the experiences of the bereaved.  Whether you have recently experienced a loss or there’s more distance in time from your loved ones passing; whether you need just one session or many; whether you want to schedule ahead of time or wake up that day discovering a need to talk about your experience – coming to this group will be an act of love for yourself and others, and way to honor of your loved ones.
Counting the Omer:  Rabbi Lydia Medwin
Men's Group
The Temple Connect Coaching Team:  Rabbi Lydia Medwin
Temple Board of Trustees:  Eric Vayle
Temple Clergy Group: Rabbi Lydia Medwin 
Yes – even your clergy are in a small group! We follow a brit, have relational time, and otherwise spend quality time together, teaching and learning from each other along the way.
Tue, May 17 2022 16 Iyar 5782