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RSJI: Immigration Outreach

You shall not oppress the stranger, for you know the heart of a stranger, because you were a strangers in the Land of Egypt (Ex. 23:9)

Group Chair:  Cindy Zeldin                                                       Clergy Liaison:  Rabbi Lydia Medwin

Judaism teaches us to love and welcome the stranger as mentioned in the Torah 36 times.

The Temple's RSJI Immigration Outreach group focuses on helping undocumented people both in the United States and at the border.

We engage with educators, politicians, and media to further our mission to provide compassionate and dignified treatment to all refugees.

Presently we are sponsoring an Afghan family and will be responsible for making them feel welcome, which includes everything from setting up their apartment to tutoring their children.

Our goals are:
  • Working to create justice at the United States border.
  • Bringing hope to families seeking safety and security on our border.
  • Aiding in refugee resettlement.
  • Helping to reunite families and children whom have been separated.
How we accomplish these goals:


Despite the pandemic, our RSJI Immigration Outreach group has continued to fulfill our mission of supporting immigrants at both the border and within our country, One example is our support of the Global Village Project (GVP) in Decatur.  The GVP is a school for refugee girls who have been denied an education in their country of origin. When school is in session, our Temple community volunteer with, tutor, and feed the girls at the school - while making special relationships with these incredible young women. 

Though it was challenging to engage directly with the GVP students during Covid- 19, Cindy Zeldin and her beloved dog Lily Tova called into weekly zoom classes and brightened the day for each girl in attendance.   

Our partnership with The Global Village Project - We provide lunches for them, tutor as needed, as well as help these young ladies find their voices and move on to successful careers.  Our efforts extend to fundraising and helping their families in times of need.

Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784