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Tiny Toddlers 12 - 17 months 

         Our Tiny Toddlers are enjoying their new sense of freedom! Their newly learned walking skills give them the ability to move around more and gain awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Our teachers help guide them in this new desire to explore the world around them and interact with objects and people in new ways!

Older Toddlers 18 - 23 months

          The Older Toddlers are comfortable moving and grooving and are ready to socialize! In this classroom, we focus on learning how to interact with our peers in new social situations and small groups. We are discovering and exploring the world around us and our teachers help these toddlers learn through experimentation and pretending, while all along working on our language acquisition. 


         We know how important it is to share school and home life. At WELC parents will receive weekly newsletters and pictures from their teachers. There are formal parent-teacher conferences twice a year.  There is also a monthly calendar and information from the WELC administration.


           WELC’s programs are flexible allowing parents to choose which days and times they want their children to attend. Toddlers have the option to be enrolled in our Half-Day Program which operates 9:30-1:30 ,or our Extended Day Program which operates from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm and is year-round, including winter and spring holidays. Families can choose between two-day, three-day, and five-day programs. 

Sample Toddler Schedule

A Sneak Peek Inside 


WELC’s toddler program play-based curriculum includes:

Daily stimulating and age-          appropriate activities and            lessons


Intro to Judaic

Active Kids

Art, Science, and Intro to             Numbers and Math

 Story Time and Language




 WELC has been an amazing opportunity for our family. Not being from Atlanta we have grown such a community of friends who we can now call family. It was nurturing yet educational.  
Alyssa C, Parent



 Our "hands-on" learning approach and embracing each child's individuality is what makes WELC so special. WELC embraces the individuality of each child's needs as well as incorporating many different styles of learning. Such learning is done through art, music, tactile, body awareness, visual, linguistics, and through nature. 

-Ms. Ayer


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