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Project Tolerance

Created and performed by teen actors, Project Tolerance is designed to raise the consciousness if its audiences through an original play which takes on contemporary societal ills while educating about the Holocaust. Using the Holocaust as the extreme example of the consequences of racism, the Project Tolerance performance includes contemporary scenarios which tackle discrimination, bullying, apathy and intolerance.  These social issues are dramatized in a compelling theatrical style which stimulates middle and high school students to think, discuss and perhaps even act on what they have seen. By witnessing other teenagers dealing head-on with issues of bigotry, discrimination, anti-Semitism, homophobia, exclusion of people with learning needs or disabilities, and fear of the “other,” they are inspired to consider their own views on these subjects and to take stock of their personal values and behaviors.

It is the mission of Project Tolerance to illuminate contemporary times through the lens of the Holocaust, suggesting lines between the past and the present, while asking audiences to draw their own conclusions. Project Tolerance performances are never didactic.  In developing the work, the actors are instructed not to answer questions, but to pose them.  Because we ask our audiences to think for themselves, they become actively engaged in the show.  The audience is empowered by their ability to process the piece and to relate it to their own experiences. 

As theater artists, we strive to turn ideas on their heads and inside out – giving the audience a completely new angle from which to view a situation or idea which they may have been presented with before, but never in this particular way. The Project Tolerance “style” is unique, and not easily defined. A Project Tolerance performance consists of a series of approximately 12 short scenes -   some rooted firmly in the past, reflecting locations and times specific to the Holocaust and including factual historical data, and others set in contemporary environments.  Still other scenes are less literal and more stylized – with a basis in poetry, music or movement. While some scenes are highly dramatic, others are overtly comic.  The tonal and stylistic shifts within the performance keep the audience on their toes and appeal to a variety of tastes. 

    Watch a few of our past Project Tolerance scenes here.

Performances are followed by question and answer sessions with the play’s director and the cast. 

To book a performance, contact Bethany Smith, Youth Education Coordinator at The Temple: or 404.873.1734.

2020 Premiere on Sunday, February 9th at 11am at The Temple.

Project Tolerance is a free performance, donations are welcome. Performances are now available until May 2020. 

Project Tolerance is made possible by the generous bequest of Ambassador William B. Schwartz, Jr. 


Sun, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780