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Jewish prayer and worship rests on a foundation of music. As far back as the Temple in Jerusalem, the priests wove musical accompaniment into the ritual life of Judaism. That tradition continues today at The Temple, under the guidance of Cantor Deborah Hartman.

In ancient times, literacy was not common, and the Jewish people used music to aid in the memorization of essential prayers. Anyone who grew up humming the tunes in services or singing songs at religious school can tell you this memory aid remains effective in the modern era.

Over the past two centuries, the use of musical instruments has become an increasingly common facet of Jewish worship. Guitars are a frequent ingredient in more informal services, and The Temple makes regular use of our piano and organ at various worship times.

Indeed, Jewish music has exploded outside of the synagogue, with popular cantorial artists like Debbie Friedman composing and recording traditional Jewish music for use both in the sanctuary and beyond. The Temple continues to encourage this musical flourishing through its regular worship services, as well as in special events like our Synaplex series, and our lay choir, The Temple Singers.

If you would like to learn more about Jewish music and the ways it is celebrated in The Temple community, please contact Cantor Deborah Hartman. She can also discuss ways in which you can become more involved musically.

Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782