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Library & Media Center

As part of our efforts to help our congregants study Judaism, we have an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and films, including, but, certainly not limited to, volumes of the Talmud, Bible commentaries, novels, Jewish How-To books, and that repository of all Jewish knowledge - the Encyclopedia Judaica.

Best of all, every Temple member has borrowing privileges for non-reference books, completely free. You can always find something worthwhile to read, be it fiction or non-fiction, and you won't have to pay a dime to check out a book.

Want to find out what is in The Temple library?
Click the icon below to search our catalog of books online.

The library itself is located on the main floor of The Temple building, between the Covenant Chapel and our Schwartz-Goldstein Hall. Members of the Temple have access to an internet-based version of the Encyclopedia Judaica as well as a Wi-Fi signal. You can contact the library or ask one of our staff for the login and password.

The Library is supported by your donations. If you're a frequent patron of the library, please consider making a donation to help their efforts.

Tue, August 14 2018 3 Elul 5778