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Weinberg Early Learning Center

The Weinberg Early Learning Center (WELC) is a warm, safe, inclusive and inspiring learning environment for children ages 3 months to 4 years. As a nationally recognized religious education program for over 15 years, WELC prides itself on connecting education with Jewish values while developing confident and respectful children in a religiously and ethnically diverse environment. WELC applies play-based learning in the classroom and emphasizes its vibrant and diverse community.

The WELC is led by director Sarah Shinsky and assistant director Audrey Henderson who have a combined 25 years of best practices in secular, public, private, Jewish, and preschool education.

First Class Curriculum

The WELC blends secular and Judaic studies to provide a balanced educational environment for your child. Secular areas of focus include math, literacy, science, and the arts. Our Jewish studies curriculum provides a solid foundation in Jewish life, language, and ritual, preparing the students for future Jewish learning.

Flexible Program Offerings

The WELC offers both Half Day and Extended Day Programs for children from 3 months to 4 years of age. The Half Day Program operates from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm from August to May. The Extended Day Program operates from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm and is year-round, including winter and spring holidays. Families can choose between two-day, three-day and five-day programs. To learn more about the program offerings, please visit program offerings.

An Involved Clergy

The children and families at the WELC get to know our clergy team well. Our rabbis and cantor visit the classrooms often, and they share Kabbalat Shabbat with us each week on Friday at mid-day. You will be amazed at how well each of them understands and supports your young child’s development.


The mission of The Weinberg Early Learning Center is to provide a rich and joyous learning environment for young children that will stimulate their minds, nurture their souls and embrace the wonder and beauty of our Jewish heritage.

We accomplish our mission through the following philosophies and goals by:

  • Providing a fun, creative, innovative and experiential learning environment to optimize learning and growth;
  •  Creating a center-based curriculum, which includes language, reading and literature, math, science, music, and art;
  • Structuring our curriculum around the principles of leading educators: Dewey, Piaget and Reggio - both concrete and experientially based;
  • Giving our young children every opportunity to develop emotionally, mentally and cognitively;
  •  Utilizing every sense to help each and every child develop his/her mind at his/her individual pace;
  • Building expressive and receptive language skills;
  •  Maximizing each child’s innate potential and unique skills to facilitate his/her maximum social and academic success in all future endeavors;
  • Fostering a positive self concept in each child;
  • Building a foundation in Jewish rituals and customs, Hebrew language and prayer, the importance of social justice, and the land and culture of Israel, all in a Reform Jewish context;
  •  Developing a sense of community for children and parents in which they can celebrate and appreciate their faith;
  • Exposing our children to many different cultures and backgrounds to ensure that they will have respect for all people and backgrounds;
  • Developing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment among children, parents and teachers in our school;
  • Encouraging parents to become involved members of our school where warmth, kindness and acceptance will be the hallmarks of The Weinberg Early Learning Center.

To schedule a private tour contact Sarah Shinsky or Audrey Henderson at 404-872-8662.

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