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"When God created Adam, God led him around all of the trees in the Garden of Eden. God told him, 'See how beautiful and praiseworthy are all of my works. Everything I have created has been created for your sake. Think of this and do not corrupt the world; for if you corrupt it, there will be no one to set it right after you.'" - Midrash Ecclesiastes Rabbah (7:13)

Group ChairRuth Menter                                          Clergy Liaison: Rabbi Lydia Medwin

The Temple's RSJI Environmental Protection and Sustainability group aims to champion environmental sustainability and protection at The Temple and to inspire, educate and engage congregants on pertinent issues so they may take an active role to become steward’s of G-d’s creation.The Jewish people must make tikkun olam (the repair and healing of the planet) a major focus in Jewish life today, and consider personal and societal changes that will improve the environment. By doing this, we would be performing a great Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God’s Name) by working to meet our mandate to be a light unto the nations. Please be in touch via email with us for more information or to get involved! 

Our goals are:
  • Integrating more environmentally friendly practices into existing Temple life. 
  • Empowering Temple members to make transformational and sustainable changes that improve our environment  in their own homes  and lives.
  • Providing resources and ideas to Temple members that will inspire and instruct environmental sustainability and protection.
How we accomplished these goals:
  • The Temple has been greening its building by replacing all lights in public spaces with LEDs, installing a water refill station above the water fountain, and committing to use compostable materials when disposable goods are needed. 
  • We continue to be a faith leader in our community by planting trees for Tu B'Shvat in partnership with Trees Atlanta and the AA Synagogue. 
  • We are in close partnership with Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, Georgia's interfaith environmental stewardship group, hosting their Green Team Summit conference annually for three years. We continue to work together to speak in various forums around the community, to raise awareness and speak with a moral voice promoting the kinds of changes needed, both on a personal and societal level. 
Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784