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5th Grade Curriculum



  • Sparking positive Jewish identity
  • Creating Jewish friendships
  • Teach the history and culture of the Jewish homeland
  • Connect to Israel through a pen pal from a school in Yokneam, our partner city
  • Reinforce Jewish values through studies of theology
  • Help students understand and master the Amidah and other Shabbat prayers


  • Monthly Tefilah services
  • Visits from our Shinshinit (Israel Specialist)
  • Regular video call interactions and correspondence with 5th graders from Israel
  • Overnight at Camp Coleman


  • Israel: During this fifth grade course, students take a top- to-bottom tour of modern Israel through classroom study and discussion. In this “hands on” tour, students explore the Holy Land through the eyes of its people. (Experience Modern Israel)
  • Theology and Jewish Values: Fifth grade students continue their studies of values and theology. This course is designed to assist students in expanding their concepts of God in a clear and comfortable way and to prepare them for a personal sense of holiness and a life rooted in Jewish values. (Living as Partners with God)
  • Hebrew Studies: In fifth grade, Hebrew students focus on the Amidah, as recited in the Shabbat morning service.In their studies, special emphasis is given to the opening and closing portion of each blessing and those prayers that are commonly performed aloud. Midweek Hebrew students master fluency in reading the blessings that accompany the Amidah. (Hineni: The New Hebrew through Prayer,Volume 2)
  •  Hebrew Blessings Mastered in Fifth Grade Mid-Week Hebrew: Avot v’Imahot, V’shamru, G’vurot, L’cha Dodi, Oseh Shalom, Shalom Aleichem
Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784