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We believe that to effectively achieve our religious obligation to bring about social justice, each individual must involve themselves in the debate on such issues. We recognize that the definition of social justice is, in many respects, personal. Accordingly, we do not intend to dictate positions on issues. Rather, we intend to encourage and facilitate action by individual congregants, whatever their beliefs.

It is our hope to encourage informed consideration of public policy issues affecting social justice. (While we will provide the Reform Movement’s position on these issues, we will provide balanced information.) We also hope to encourage action in the public policy arena, according to one’s personal beliefs.

To learn more about the official position of the Reform movement on various advocacy issues, visit the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Their policy positions on a host of issues are housed there, including on the following subjects:

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Vote Reform Jews 4 Israel -

As Jews, lovers of Israel and unconditional supporters of Israel's right to exist, we are well aware of the many serious challenges confronting Israel today as well as the threats faced by Jewish people everywhere. In addition to the existential questions confronting the state, as Reform Jews we are also faced with serious questions concerning societal and institutional values:

  • Will Israeli society and institutions respect and fairly treat all denominations, regardless of level of observance?
  • Will gender equality be the norm - where men and women can pray and live as equals?
  • Will we see lasting peace with security and stability for the land and people of Israel?

These are serious questions that affect our relationship with Israel and will shape the soul of the country in the years to come. The Temple is committed to not only supporting our brothers and sisters in Israel but also to helping shape its future. Together we have an opportunity to advocate for an Israeli society that represents our values and clearly puts forth our vision for Israel - a vision in which the ideals of pluralism, equality and peace are accepted.

Sun, August 9 2020 19 Av 5780