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RSJI: Women's Rights

And the LORD said to Moses, “The plea of Zelophehad’s daughters is just: you should give them a hereditary holding among their father’s kinsmen; transfer their father’s share to them.” (Numbers 27:6-7)

Group Leader: Samantha Schoenbaum                  Email for more information:

With half of The Temple's membership female and at a time where Women's Rights are at stake, The Women's Rights small group is a critical emphasis area for the Rothschild Social Justice Institute. This group has focused so far on three main objectives: Equity at the Workplace, Women’s Health, and Reproductive Rights. At any given time, our group members are working on any of these issues in a multitude of ways and in partnership with organizations and non-profits across Atlanta. Please consider joining us by emailing our chairwoman.

Our goals are:

  • We will organize a hands-on volunteer effort for our Temple members to help local Atlanta organizations that benefit women.
  • We will design and host an educational program to convey the importance of these issues not just to women, but to our entire country and world.
  • We will advocate for the equal pay, health, and protection of the rights for a woman to make choices about her own body at the State Capital.

How we accomplish these goals:

  • The Women’s Rights group has hosted several educational sessions, guided by members of the Georgia House and Senate, to help us understand the issues that block women from thriving in our state.
  • We have acted as host to an annual fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, with Temple members chairing this event and many Temple members engaged in the organization as it supports women across the region in their health needs.
  • The Women’s Rights group has lobbied at the State Capital against damaging legislation that limits a woman’s right to choose.
  • The group has been involved in extensive research and convenings to help shed light on the major problem of extremely high maternal mortality rates in Georgia.
  • We partner with the Public Education group and the Homelessness group to throw a Period Pack Party, a gathering in which donated feminine supplies are sorted and packed into distributable packages. This program began after we realized that many young women were missing a week of school each month for lack of these essential supplies.
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