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 Kindergarten Curriculum

Consecration Torah Song: Click here to listen.



  • Sparking positive Jewish identity
  • Creating Jewish friendships
  • Teach the symbols, practices, and importance of the Jewish holidays
  • Provide an understanding of basic Torah stories
  • Introduce the use of basic prayers, blessings, and Hebrew words into students’ lives
  • Promote a feeling of comfort in The Temple and an understanding of its Jewish symbols


  • Weekly tefilah
  • Visits to the music specialist
  • Visits to the art room
  • Visits to the Holland Youth Library
  • Visits from our Shinshinit (IsraelSpecialist)


  • Holidays:Kindergartners begin a more intensive study of the Jewish calendar. Hands-on learning is essential to their studies. Arts and crafts, literature, Hebrew, and music reinforce their studies of the Jewish holidays. (Let’s Discovery the Jewish Holidays)
  • Torah: Upon entering kindergarten, students are immersed in the study of Torah through readings and discussions of basic Torah stories. Arts and crafts, literature and music supplement their Torah studies. (Teach Me Torah)
  • Basic Hebrew: Learning a second language is a natural ability young children possess. Therefore, basic Modern Hebrew words are incorporated into their daily activities.
  • Blessings: Providing a Jewish atmosphere is central to our early childhood program. One way to reach this goal is to teach students to recite Hebrew blessings before daily activities. Motsi and Borei P’ri haGafen are taught in the kindergarten program.
  • Liturgy:In addition to learning basic blessings,students are also introduced to some basic prayers. Ma Tovu, Barchu, Shema, Mi Chamocha and Oseh Shalom are recited regularly in their daily tefilah (prayer).
  • Prayers to Master: Shema, Barchu, Motsi, BoreiP’rihaGafen
Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784