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Zaban Paradies Center

Founded by members of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation in February 1984, the Zaban Paradies Center assists couples to transition from homelessness to safe and stable housing and long-term independence. During its first year in existence in 1984, seven couples were provided living quarters in The Temple’s Breman Religious School’s classrooms. In 2010, the Couples Center was renamed after Temple congregant, Mr. Erwin Zaban, who made a generous contribution to renovate the third floor of the Selig Building, located on the north end of The Temple’s campus on Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta. 

The Zaban Paradies Center serves residents who represent the full range of homelessness in Atlanta, including baby-boomer couples who have been laid off and have had a difficult time finding work in the current sluggish economy; to individuals with chronic physical and/or mental illness; to young adults who were ‘born in the wrong zip code’ and whose unfortunate legacy is multi-generational poverty.  

The mission of the Zaban Paradies Center is to support residents to achieve three main goals:

1.    A steady income;
2.    Safe and stable housing; and
3.    Skills to strengthen their Faith, Future, Finances, Family, Friendships, Fitness and Fun.

The night shelter opens its doors every year on October 15. For the following six months, until April 30th, three full-time staff and 45 volunteer families provide up to 20 couples with a safe, secure and stable place to sleep, two nutritious meals a day, and support in preparing for and seeking employment. Support is both emotional and concrete, including life skills education; linkages to supportive services, including housing, education, counseling and healthcare; and an environment of respect and generosity.  

Since its inception, the Zaban Paradies Center has been dependent on the generous support of Temple congregants who volunteer to meet the basic needs of its residents, as well as the administrative needs of the organization. Temple member donations have included weekly meals, clothes, tutoring, coaching and mentoring, data entry and tracking of our clients; entry level job opportunities and employment readiness training; and repair and maintenance of our facility.

If you are interested in learning more about the Zaban Paradies Center, touring our night shelter, and/or serving as a volunteer, please contact us at 404-872-2915 and/or Zaban’s official website is

For the past quarter century, over 2,000 individuals have provided some 7,500 hours of their time as volunteers. The Zaban Paradies Center continues to rely on their efforts to provide this critical service to those in need. We encourage all who are interested in becoming involved to contact the Center at 404.817.2473. Additionally, you may email You can visit their official website at

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