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Zaban Paradies Center

The Zaban Paradies Center for Homeless Couples (originally called the Temple Night Shelter for the Homeless) was founded in 1984, by the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation as the first and only shelter for homeless couples in Atlanta. Originally housed in the Sunday school wing of The Temple, the Shelter moved into the Selig Building, on the campus of The Temple, in 1987. The Zaban name was added after a few years, when Erwin Zaban generously financed the renovation of the 2nd floor of the Selig building. The mission of the Center was to keep couples together as they moved from being homeless to finding permanent places to live. The Zaban Paradies Center provides year round support for homeless couples but opens its door for its residential season from mid-October through the end of April.

Initially, the ZPC was 100% volunteer run and funded by The Temple. Generous congregants, such as the Zaban Family were supportive of the long-term project. The Center is financially independent of The Temple and donations of any size are vital to the continued operation of important programs serving the homeless community in Atlanta.

In 2008, The Temple created a board of governance, hired a professional executive director, created a separate non-profit entity and formally named the shelter the Zaban Couples Center. Additionally, the mission expanded to provide not just a safe place to eat and sleep but also numerous services to assist couples in the process of moving from homelessness to independent living. In 2015, the center was renamed The Zaban Paradies Center for Homeless Couples after a generous donation from Rick Paradies in memory of his father, Dan Paradies, a generous supporter of the Center.

Volunteer support is still a critically important to the success of the Center. In addition to congregants from The Temple, volunteers from numerous educational, religious and service oriented organizations in the community provide hot meals every evening during the residential season, bagged lunches for residents to take with them during the day, and expertise to help residents with life skills development. The Center maintains a well-stocked clothing closet, organized by volunteers, for residents who are in need of work-appropriate clothing.

We encourage any Temple members that are interested in learning more to schedule a time to visit the center and take a tour. If you need help finding appropriate opportunities to volunteer, please reach out to us by phone at (404) 872-2915. You also can go online to Additionally, please email to get more information on how your financial contribution will help make a difference in the lives of our residents.

The Zaban Paradies Center continues to be a cornerstone of The Temple’s commitment to Tikkun Olam through its work to change lives and reunite families.

Wed, September 18 2019 18 Elul 5779