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Support & Resources

How do I find a mental health professional?*

Finding a professional for mental health treatment can feel difficult and frustrating. Often, it’s not clear where to begin. Consider the following guidelines and reach out to Temple clergy if you get stuck! If you are in crisis, including considering suicide, please call 988 for immediate assistance.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Where to Find a Therapist

*ShalomCare is appreciative for the generosity of Abby Culin, LMFT, whose work provided the foundation for this section.

Sliding Scale Options

What if I don’t have health insurance or can’t afford private pay rates? 

The Link: a local organization offering affordable, confidential psychotherapy, counseling and support groups. All ages can receive therapeutic services on a sliding fee scale at low cost. Number of visits is not restricted, and no outside parties determine eligibility for services.

Open Path Collective: a website for individuals who cannot afford private pay services and do not have health insurance. OPC includes a therapist directory that lists providers who offer lower rates for clients.

Additional Tips (especially for 1st time therapy seekers):

Most people who decide they want therapy want to begin immediately, but this isn’t always possible. Factors such as therapy practices being full, insurance issues, etc., can cause delays, so think of finding a provider as a process.

Since the variety of mental health degrees available has grown, it can be challenging to know what the letters associated with a professional's degree mean. Find clarification here.

Try writing down how you were feeling and what pushed you to take the first step when you made the decision to find a therapist (e.g., too many days of feeling like you can’t get out of bed) and share this in your first session. Some time may pass before getting an appointment, so it can be difficult to remember the feelings that prompted therapy in the first place.

Many people feel that a first session with their therapist is relieving, a little anxiety provoking, or both. Therapists are aware of this and do everything possible to provide a comfortable experience.

If you start seeing a therapist and after a few sessions it doesn’t feel like that individual is a good match for you – it's ok! There are many mental health professionals who may be a better fit!

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